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On 11-12 June 2019, EVERYWH2ERE consortium met in Helsinki, Finland, at VTT Headquarters, for the celebration of the Month 16 General Assembly (GA) of the project.

The main goal of this meeting was to discuss the current status of the project and the definition of the next steps to be carried out during the forthcoming months.

The Consortium has progressed in the final FC Gensets specifications and the two partners recently incorporated to the Consortium (THT and FRIEM) are fully engaged in the activities.

The whole EVERYWH2ERE project Consortium has continued its strong commitment to engage Stakeholders and different industrial groups to the project, and a workshop for the Regions and Cities Interest Group was held in Brussels in month 11 in Brussels (January 2019). The project has been also presented in several conferences and workshops, and both industrial and regional groups and also events’ promoters have been contacted during this period.

Over the coming months, project partners will keep on defining the demonstration calendar where EVERYWH2ERE prototypes will be tested during the demonstration phase, aiming at evaluating the FC Gensets performance and collecting data for their future replication.

The next General Assembly of the project will be held in January 2020.

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