The EVERYWH2ERE consortium includes 13 partners from 6 EU countries (Italy, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain) each having high value knowledge in all needed scientific and technological branches required by the objectives of the project. The ambitious objectives of EVERYWH2ERE project can be achieved only through the integration of synergic and complementary competences from the different partners according to their mission. The consortium is made by a mix of innovation oriented SMEs and Les, high level RTOs and European known non profit organization (Foundation/association) all committed to the development of European hydrogen society. The coordination of the project will be undertaken by RINA-C (IT, LE), leading engineering company in innovation and management of EU funded projects, which will firstly evaluate the normative framework in terms of ATEX and HSE in order to identify the requirements for the development of systems potentially explosive and flammable. According to such requirements, the system will be designed according to the end users’ requests starting from the different subcomponents already developed by consortium technological partners: PCS (SE, will provide the fuel cell stack thanks to its expertise in automotive FC stacks, LINDE (IT, LE) will provide management and safety systems (such as pressure valves, etc.) for the integration of the H2 storage thanks to MAHYTEC support (F,SME) which will provide the hydrogen containers. Hydrogen supply will be ensured by Linde, which will also act as stakeholder for the future deployment of the developed technology. All these subcomponents will be integrated together with the proper power electronics and management system by GENPORT (IT, LE) , FRIEM (ITA, SME) and THT (FI, SME) into two demonstration systems having different power capacity: 25 and 100 kW, respectively. The prototypes will be then validated by FRIEM and ENVIPARK (IT,LE) at their premises. The demonstration of the developed systems in a relevant operational environment will follow different routes. Indeed, demonstration sites consisting in urban temporary events will be set-up and monitored both in Spain and Italy under the responsibility of FHA (ES, Ass) and ENVIPARK, respectively. Particularly, regarding EVERYWH2ERE demonstration and dissemination during music festivals, D1 (D, Ass.) will be the focal contact with different events’ planners and organizers of the music event industry in order to set-up a fruitful collaboration based on the validation of hydrogen gensets during such events. In parallel, systems will be also demonstrated in two construction sites by ACC (ES, LE) which will also provide the requirements for the use of such devices in construction areas. The environmental impact of the EVERYWH2ERE gensets and innovative layout specification will be studied by VTT (FI, RTO) while aspects concerning the transport and refueling of gensets will be investigated and evaluated by RINA-C with the support of FHA, ACC and LINDE. Besides technical aspects, cross-cutting activities will ensure the evaluation of the sustainability of the developed solutions, the appropriate dissemination of the project’s results in order to attract the interest of potential stakeholders and the future market deployment of hydrogen gensets. Specifically, environmental and economic impacts will be evaluated by RINA-C in collaboration with VTT through the assessment of LCA and LCC. Moreover, with the aim of enhancing the future market penetration of the developed solutions, business models and replicability studies will be carried out by RINA-C in close collaboration with ACC, FHA and ENVIPARK (though its linked third parties IREN RINNOVABILI and IREN SpA, which are DSOs and important energy utilities in Italy providing tailored solutions in different events). Finally, a strong and intensive dissemination of project results will be ensured by FHA, D1 and ENVIPARK through the involvement of both industrial and professional stakeholders (ENVI), local and European authorities (FHA), music event organizers (D1). Last but not the least, promotion among EU cities of the use of zero emission and zero noise fuel cell gensets in urban area will be performed by ICLEI (with the support of FHA) for the promotion of dedicated policies and regulatory/public permitting frameworks in order to ensure the future replicability of the developed solution across Europe. According to their crucial role for the future spreading of the FC gensets, cities will be involved in the project through dedicated workshop organized by ICLEI. EVERYWH2ERE partners have been carefully selected based on the added value they give to the project. All partners are committed to the project also investing their own resources.

13 Partners from 6 European countries