The big demo: major milestone reached in the project

The big demo: major milestone reached in the project 150 150 admin

After the completion of the validation tests of the first 100kW prototype manufactured, the demonstration period of this fuel cell genset has begun. This is an important milestone in the project, as after months of hard work, the prototype has finally been brought up to specification and is able to operate in a real environment to demonstrate its viability.

The first prototype of the 100 kW H2 portable generator developed as part of the EveryWh2ere project has arrived at ACCIONA Construction’s demonstration site (located in Donosti) to begin the demonstration campaign of this R&D&I project. The demonstration period at ACCIONA’s construction site will last 3 months. This demonstration will be one of the first experiences worldwide regarding the use of H2-based portable zero-emission gensets on a construction site.

The EveryWh2ere project aims to develop 25 kW and 100 kW portable generating sets that use hydrogen instead of oil derivatives to generate energy, reducing CO2 emissions, noise and associated fumes.

The prototypes to be built in the R&D project will be demonstrated in different use cases and various applications across Europe: music festivals, temporary events and construction sites.
All this, thanks to the enormous effort of the entire project consortium.

We are very proud to announce that the first prototype fuel cell based generator is ready to revolutionise events in Europe.

Discover more with this video tour

We win the #BestInnovationAward 2021

We win the #BestInnovationAward 2021 150 150 admin

The main objective of the EVERYWH2ERE project is to develop hydrogen-based portable generators as an alternative to current diesel generators, capable of meeting the electricity supply needs of temporary events where access to the electricity grid is difficult.

This project has achieved the #BestInnovationAward 2021 at the European Hydrogen Week. The award ceremony took place on 29 November at the FCH JU premises in Brussels. Stefano Barberis, coordinator of the EVERYWH2ERE project and business development manager at RINA collected the award and said: “Temporary power generators are widely used in cities to supply power for temporary events, concerts, construction sites, etc. Most of them are powered by engines that are powered by hydrogen. Most of them run on diesel internal combustion engines, which are very polluting. Therefore, demonstrating the use of hydrogen in fuel cell-equipped portable generators for temporary power applications at events, construction sites and film sets is a sustainable alternative.

Hydrogen Europe Research recognises the work of talented scientists in widening access to sustainable and efficient fuel cell technology for a wide range of high-impact applications.

Thanks to all of you who have voted and trusted us.

European Hydrogen Week 2021

FRIEM, GENPORT and LINDE presenting the project.

FRIEM, GENPORT and LINDE presenting the project. 150 150 admin

Vittoria Gratarola (FRIEM), Stefano Limonta (Genport) and Vito Alba (LINDE) make a presentation of the project, indicating its main objectives. The first two prototypes already built are also shown. It is a mix between the explanation of the project and the main places of interest where the equipment will be tested, with a video showing how the first prototypes of each power (25kW, 100kW) have finally turned out.

Training camp held with the rest of the partners

Training camp held with the rest of the partners 150 150 admin

In November the Training Camp was held at the premises of the partner FRIEM, the partner expert in power electronics. During it, Stefano Limonta from Genport, coordinator of the partners in the technical part, together with LINDE, our gas partner that has prepared the hydrogen storage, held a session that lasted two days in which he showed the operation of the equipment to the partners in charge of the technical part. The session lasted two days and the partners in charge of the demonstration phase of the project, such as Acciona and FHa, were able to check the operation of the equipment.

Best Innovation Award FCH JU – VOTE FOR US!

Best Innovation Award FCH JU – VOTE FOR US! 668 263 admin

Fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) innovation demonstrates how collaboration between research, industry and policymakers in European partnerships has delivered world-class solutions and accelerated the energy transition to a greener world.

We are pleased to communicate that we have been shortlisted for this award. The team that makes this project possible is very honoured, as it means FCH JU’s trusts in our mission to create low-carbon and sustainable solutions that contribute to society.

If you have been following our project, support us this time with your vote

Take part in the public vote for the Best Success Story and the Best Innovation. You can submit your vote until 24 November!


The 6th Low Emission Advanced Power (LEAP) Workshop

The 6th Low Emission Advanced Power (LEAP) Workshop 999 749 admin

The 6th Low Emission Advanced Power (LEAP) Workshop is hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)  virtually through WebEx, on November 01 – 05, 2021. It will focus on the transition to net-zero carbon and the associated technology development to help the nation and the world to target the goal of building a carbon pollution-free electricity sector, by promoting dialog among the leading international researchers from national laboratories, industry, and universities.

It is a 5-day workshop, consists of 14 sessions covering a variety of topics, including Net-zero carbon; transition cost and impact; renewables and microgrids; thermally/chemically integrated systems; intelligent, reconfigurable and adaptive energy systems; dynamic performance and controls; paths to commercialization; cyber-physical modeling; machine learning, digital twin and co-design.

Stefano Barberis, our Project Coordinator leads the following presentation: “EVERYWH2ERE: Making hydrogen affordable to operate in EU cities fueling temporary power gensets”.



Stefano Limonta from Genport, the co-ordinator of the partners on the technical side, presents the first two prototypes that have been built: 25 kW and 100 kW. The first one presents the final solution, which consists of 2 containers, one for the fuel cell and the power electronics, and the other for the high-pressure hydrogen storage. Then the steps to be followed to start up the equipment are shown. This workshop took place at the facilities of the partner FRIEM (Milan, Italy), where the validation tests of both prototypes are being carried out.

Discover the video tour

Everywh2ere Project and Associazione Italiana Idrogeno e Celle a Combustibile presents hydrogen related key projects

Everywh2ere Project and Associazione Italiana Idrogeno e Celle a Combustibile presents hydrogen related key projects 569 271 admin


#EVERYWH2ERE Italian project team in collaboration with H2IT – Associazione Italiana Idrogeno e Celle a Combustibile organizes an event in #MilanoParcoNord to present hydrogen related key projects. EVERYWH2ERE will introduce the relevant potential of #hydrogen to decarbonize EU event industry.

The Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association – H2IT – created in 2005, is an autonomous association that aims to promote the advancement of knowledge and the study of disciplines related to hydrogen production and use technologies and systems.

If you are in Milan this week, we encourage you to attend.

Technical “on-site” visit of the 25 kW and 100 kW EVERYWH2ERE gensets

Technical “on-site” visit of the 25 kW and 100 kW EVERYWH2ERE gensets 1024 768 Pedro Casero

From 14 to 16 September 2021, Power Cell Sweden, THT Control, Acciona colleagues met with FRIEM, LINDE and GENPORT in Segrate (MI – FRIEM Headquarters) in order to make a technical “on-site” visit of the 25 kW and 100 kW EVERYWH2ERE Gensets.
The goal of this meeting, one of the first physical ones after a long time, was to “put the hands together on the gensets”, fixing some issues and at the same times start to think about how to optimize the design for the next gensets, learning from the experience of these first two ones.

Some tests, particularly on 100 kW genset, have been performed too, targeting the finalization of gensets commissioning activities.

We attended the final VALIDATION stages of GENSETS

We attended the final VALIDATION stages of GENSETS 1024 698 admin

After months of working from distance, where the members of the consortium have made a great effort to contribute as much as possible to the project Finally, on the 4th of August, the #EVERYWHERE team met in person to attend the final VALIDATION phases of the gensets at the FRIEM facilities in Milan. It was a great opportunity to see the gensets, the connections with the storage especially designed to feed them and their behaviour duringhydrogen start-up.

Both FRIEM, a global leader in electric energy conversion for over 70 years, and GENPORT, developer and manufacturer of an advanced, lightweight technology for portable and stationary power generation and storage, presented the testing and validation progress on the two already manufactured prototypes of 1 x 25kW and 1 x 100kW respectively. In the coming weeks Powercell, expert in creating electrical power solutions with minimal environmental impact, will adjust some parameters via software to achieve higher power ranges. Susy manufacturer and THT partner, responsable of the thremal management and containerization of the gensets,  will contribute to optimize the equipment.

We will continue working to make this ambitious project possible, which contributes to the 2030 Agenda strategy set by the United Nations. Let’s remember that #EVERYWHERE also contributes to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all. Specifically goal 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and goal 13 “Climate Action”.