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  • January 26, 2022

The big demo: major milestone reached in the project

The big demo: major milestone reached in the project

The big demo: major milestone reached in the project 150 150 admin

After the completion of the validation tests of the first 100kW prototype manufactured, the demonstration period of this fuel cell genset has begun. This is an important milestone in the project, as after months of hard work, the prototype has finally been brought up to specification and is able to operate in a real environment to demonstrate its viability.

The first prototype of the 100 kW H2 portable generator developed as part of the EveryWh2ere project has arrived at ACCIONA Construction’s demonstration site (located in Donosti) to begin the demonstration campaign of this R&D&I project. The demonstration period at ACCIONA’s construction site will last 3 months. This demonstration will be one of the first experiences worldwide regarding the use of H2-based portable zero-emission gensets on a construction site.

The EveryWh2ere project aims to develop 25 kW and 100 kW portable generating sets that use hydrogen instead of oil derivatives to generate energy, reducing CO2 emissions, noise and associated fumes.

The prototypes to be built in the R&D project will be demonstrated in different use cases and various applications across Europe: music festivals, temporary events and construction sites.
All this, thanks to the enormous effort of the entire project consortium.

We are very proud to announce that the first prototype fuel cell based generator is ready to revolutionise events in Europe.

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