Yesterday, 3rd of June, we participated at the European Green Week 2021.

It was dedicated to the zero pollution ambition. It examined other relevant initiatives of the European Green Pact  in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.

Our presentation, under the title “Decarbonizing EU cities via hydrogen gensets”  brought to the table interesting conclusions such as:

“Diesel Generators are already becoming less polluting, but hydrogen gensets can be the solution for zero carbon noise and air pollution at the local level”- Arthur Hinsch, ICLEI, European Secretariat.  He led the talk: “HOW TO TACKLE EU CITIES POLLUTION AND THE ROLE OF GENSETS IN EU URBAN ATMOSPHERE

“We offer the opportunity to make your event more sustainable” – Sabina Fiorot, ENVIPARK. She led the talk “EVERYWH2ERE DEMONSTRATION CAMPAIGN”

“Festivals and Events are a sweet spot for H2 Fuel Cells, from a business, health and climate points of view” – Jacob Bilabel (Green Music Initiative)

Thanks to all the participants and attendees who made it possible.


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Pollution affects us all, through the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the soil in which we grow our food. It is a major environmental cause of multiple mental and physical illnesses and premature deaths, especially among children, people with certain medical conditions and the elderly. This particularly happens in cities, where not only cars, transports, heating and cooling systems etc. emissions have an impact. There are indeed systems that are present everyday in different corners of our cities that are so far still based on fossil fuel solutions: temporary and transportable power gensets.

The EU Action Plan towards Zero Pollution Ambition is a key action of the European Green Pact scheduled for spring 2021. The European Green Week 2021 will be dedicated to the “zero pollution ambition”. It will also examine other relevant initiatives of the European Green Pact  in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.

In line with these climate initiatives and in order to tackle aforementioned challenges, the EVERYWH2ERE project is developing transportable gensets based on fuel cell hydrogen technologies, with the aim of being a viable alternative to diesel generators and being able to supply ZERO EMISSION energy in temporary off-grid events and in construction sites. EU Green Week 2021 will be an opportunity to show how it is possible to make hydrogen affordable to produce power in a sustainable way anywhere in European cities.


  • PROJECT INTRODUCTION –Stefania Marongiu (RINA Consulting SpA)

We look forward to seeing you on June 3 from 11am to 12pm to tell you more about our project at #EUGreenWeek2021.

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Did we lose a year in our fight on climate change while being forced to focus on something completely different? Or does this crisis also bare something positive and a chance for real change? While our industry was locked down almost completely European CO2-emissions decreased by 11% the Global Carbon Project reports. The European Union kick-started the European Green Deal and in the middle of Corona’s second wave the EU heads of State and Government committed to even stricter climate goals until the end of this decade: a reduction of 55% instead of 40% compared to the numbers of 1990. But what happens when we get out of this crisis and the flood gates reopen for tourism, consumption and also for culture and entertainment? How do we keep our promises, live up to our responsibilities and even set lighthouse examples while we cheer for the new freedom, regained opportunities and seek to make up for the losses suffered in the past year? We will lead this uncomfortable discussion talking from many angles such as the perspectives of promoters, artists & activists, science & innovation and last but not least politics.

Dora Palma (PT | Rock In Rio, Lisbon & Rio de Janeiro – head of sustainability)

Dr. Christian Ehler (GER | MEP)

Dr. Stefano Barberis (IT | Rina Consulting & Everywh2ere)

Fay Milton (UK | Music Declares Emergency & Savages)

Claire O’Neill (UK | A Greener Festival, host)

EVERYWH2ERE project will take part in the digital version of Eurosonics 2021, the most important conference for the live music industry, presented by GO Group. Stefano Barberis, from Rina Consulting and Everywh2ere project coordinator, will be one of the speakers at the session called ‘Culture, COVID, climate change – Never waste a good pandemic – Culture’s responsible restart into a New Normal’.

See you on Thursday Jan 14th, 17.00 CET. Register here

Our gensets are ready to revolutionize the main EUcities and events. Discover project updates and progress!

Our gensets are ready to revolutionize the main EUcities and events. Discover project updates and progress! 999 749 admin

Even facing hard times and challenges, we are now proud to inform you that we have completed the integration  of our first two gensets, now under validation and testing in FRIEM headquarters.

2021 will be EVERYWH2ERE year and our gensets will start to travel around EU to provide zero emission energy to construction sites, music festivals, ports etc.

Why EVERYWH2ERE Gensets?

  • Because they are 0-noise and 0-emissions gensets
  • Because they are easy to transport and operate thanks to their containerized structure
  • 100% safety and environmental sustainability
  • Easily adaptable to energy needs of cities: events, festivals, temporary sites…

We are celebrating the Best OutReach Award grated by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

We are celebrating the Best OutReach Award grated by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking 1024 576 admin

The EVERYWH2ERE consortium includes 13 partners from 6 EU countries (Italy, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain) each having high value knowledge in all needed scientific and technological branches required by the objectives of the Project and each of them contributed to make the project great and successful, also promoting it among stakeholders and future potential customers.

Therefore all of us are glad to celebrate that EVERYWH2ERE project has been recently awarded with the Best OutReach Award by the FUEL CELLS AND HYDROGEN JOINT UNDERTAKING during the European Hydrogen Week, celebrated from 23 to 27 November 2020.

The European Hydrogen Forum is a unique event bringing together industry, policy-makers, government representatives as well as the research community to steer the potential for green hydrogen technologies and discuss the latest developments.

Under the theme “Kick-starting the EU hydrogen industry to achieve the EU climate goals”, the Forum featured a series of panel discussions, smart talks, matchmaking activities and virtual cocktails on the deployment of clean hydrogen, synergies among EU funding and financing instruments, and the creation of impact through dedicated research projects.

For this reason, the European Hydrogen Week has been the best scenario to present our EveryWh2ere initiatives. Moreover, the award recognizes our main purpose: to bring thanks to Fuel cell based genset, Fuel cell and Hydrogen technologies closer to general audience making European cities as a living lab for our innovative and clean solutions, thus contributing to the European Green Deal objectives too. 

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Everywh2ere partners meet for the project’s general assembly

Everywh2ere partners meet for the project’s general assembly 1024 576 admin

On Friday 5th June 2020, Everywh2ere partners met for the annual project’s general assembly. The goal of this meeting was to present the progress on the activities by the different partners and prepare the next steps for the upcoming months. Moreover, on 8th and 10th June, partners met again to further discuss on dissemination, demo campaign and technical aspects of the project.

Partners also took the opportunity to evaluate the impact of the last months and the COVID19 pandemic, as well as the mitigation measures. The pandemic has specially affected the demo campaign that was supposed to take place during summer in several festivals. However, partners are doing a great effort to reschedule the demonstrations and continuing the dissemination of Everywh2ere in other ways, such as the City and Regions Initiative.

Everywh2ere first gensets are finished and travelling from Finland to Italy

Everywh2ere first gensets are finished and travelling from Finland to Italy 1000 667 admin

On 28 May, the first two Fuel Cell gensets took off from THT Control Ltd facilities in Tampere, Finland. Together with Everywh2ere partners, the Finnish company has been working on this for over a year. Now, the time has arrived for the installation and testing of the first prototypes that have been built during the last 5 months. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed challenges to the building of these genset prototypes. During the worst part of the outbreak in Finland, areas were closed and people were restricted to go to their workplaces. Despite this, THT Control Ltd. was able to maintain the building process, even if it slowed down compared to a normal situation. 

The containers, fuel cells, cooling systems and safety systems of the first Fuel Cell gensets have been built or installed in Finland. Now that they are ready for shipment, they have been sent to Italy, were all systems related to electricity will be added. 

The validation phase will then begin and the systems will be tested. We are approaching the tangible moment when the first Everywh2ere Fuel Cell Genset will start working!

Everywh2ere hosts a series of online exchanges

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This June, EVERYWH2ERE partners, together with local authorities part of the project’s regions and city interest group will organise a series of informal online exchanges and presentations to advance local hydrogen agendas.

The group is bringing together local and regional authorities interested in exploring hydrogen solutions to reduce air pollution and noise in their city. Discussions will focus on the role and potential of hydrogen in promoting local low-emission development, also in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.

During the online exchange, partners will deep dive with group members into several key aspects for integrating hydrogen solutions into their planning, such as the possible role of hydrogen in the sustainable energy mix, hydrogen in the urban context, opportunities for local authorities related to national hydrogen strategies, and how to use hydrogen for a more sustainable building and construction sector.

The group is open for all local authorities who would like to network with peers on developing, advancing and promoting their local hydrogen agenda, or wish to host one of the portable, zero-emission, zero-noise hydrogen fuel cell generators developed by EVERYWH2ERE to replace diesel generators for energising temporary events, such as construction sites, festivals, concerts, and harbours.

Authorities and stakeholders who are interested to join, can find more information on how to become a part of the EVERYWH2ERE regions and cities interest group here, or contact

EVERYWH2ERE to discuss regions & cities perspective at the World Hydrogen Congress

EVERYWH2ERE to discuss regions & cities perspective at the World Hydrogen Congress 1024 421 admin

In September 2020, EVERYWH2ERE project partner ICLEI Europe will moderate a session on “Hydrogen Roll out Case Studies & Projects” as part of the World Hydrogen Congress that from 23rd to 24th September in Paris.

Brining the experience from the EVERYWH2ERE regions & cities interest group to the congress, the session will discuss policies, incentives, frameworks and financing schemes, as well as lessons learned and system integration challenges from Italy and the Netherlands.

Within the framework of the EVERYWH2ERE city and regions interest group, local authorities from Turin (Italy), Kozani (Greece) and Kreis Steinfurt (Germany) are currently exploring EVERYWH2ERE gensets as zero-noise and zero-emission solutions for providing energy for construction sites, festivals, harbours and other temporary events. The group is open for local and regional governments looking to test and engage with new hydrogen fuel cell technologies and solutions to reduce air pollution, noise and emissions. Local and regional governments interested in testing the EVERYWH2ERE gensets, and in exchanging with other cities and regions on innovative policy tools by becoming part of the project’s pan-European demonstration and roll-out campaign, can find more information about the group here.

The World Hydrogen Congress will be taking place in Paris from the 24 – 25 March 2020, bringing together senior decision makers and stakeholders from across the hydrogen production and distribution value chain. The full agenda and programme can be found here.

ICLEI Member cities and regions interested in attending the event can benefit from a partner discount of twenty percent. To secure the discount click here or contact

EFM Berlinale Film Festival

Debating the film industry sustainability at the Berlinale Film Festival

Debating the film industry sustainability at the Berlinale Film Festival 830 553 admin

Everywh2ere Project will participate at the European Film Market (EFM) and the Berlinale Film Festival with the objective to debate the industry’s skills, tools and models for sustainability.

“If we are serious about climate mitigation, the entertainment industry (like every industry)  must be ready to make radical changes”, the EFM states. On Sunday 23rd February, Jacob Bilabel, founder of the Green Music Initiative and partner of the Everywh2ere project will participate in several sessions of “Sustainability at EFM”.

These sessions are talks and discussions to chart progress made so far and develop industry calls to action: From the major milestones already achieved in sustainable production and necessary next steps, to the mammoth but not impossible task of greening the festival circuit, to confronting the shocking environmental impact of audiovisual streaming platforms, and beginning to imagine an entirely new creative ecosystem, whose environmental, social, financial and cultural sustainability could be supported by low carbon and smart technologies. In this framework hydrogen technologies and our EVERYWH2ERE gensets can support film industry decarbonization providing low emissions and low noise power to film sets and other temporary usage.

More information:

sustainABILITY: New Green Skills, Tools and Models for Industry-Wide Transformation (Sunday, 23 February, 11.30 am – 1.15 pm)

Call to Action: Social-Ecological Transformation in the Creative Economy (Sunday, 23 Feb, 11.30 am)

Impulse Talk with Jacob Sylvester Bilabel (Founder, Green Music Initiative / Everywh2ere Hydrogen)

Rolling Out the Green Carpet? Redesigning the Film Festival for Sustainability (Sunday, 23 Feb, 11.40 am)

Panel with Jacob Bilabel (Founder Green Music Initiative / Everywh2ere Hydrogen), Matthijs Wouter Knol (Director European Film Market)