Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities

Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities 560 315 Pedro Casero

15 January 2019, 13:00 – 17:30

Brussels, Belgium- Avenue de la Toison d’ Or 56- 60, 1060 Brussels

ICLEI Europe, in cooperation with the EVERYWH2ERE project, is organising a city-oriented workshop on “Upscaling Hydrogen Genets in European Cities”. The event will highlight modern Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies as clean alternatives to fossil fuel generators in providing energy for construction sites, festivals and other temporary urban events.

The workshop is taking place back-to-back with the 9th General Assembly of the Regions & Cities initiative of the European Union’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Join Undertaking (FCH JU). With European cities driving the decarbonisation of transport, urban heating and cooling, industries and services forward, the workshop will focus on how FCH technologies as a 100% clean alternative to diesel-based generator equipment can support cities in reaching their climate and energy targets, reduce emissions and noise and increase air quality.

This workshop will offer:

  • an understanding of how hydrogen gensets can be a viable alternative to diesel generators
  • a platform to exchange on the necessary regulatory frameworks for deploying temporary hydrogen gensets in city areas
  • the opportunity to speak about and promote own innovative decarbonisation measures

The workshop will also serve as an entry point for becoming part of the EVERYWH2ERE Cities Interest Group to explore options for hosting hydrogen generator sets and to profit from tools and long-term recommendations generated throughout the project.

Click here for the preliminary agenda for the event. Interested participants can register for the event here.

For further questions please contact

Climathon 2018

Climathon 2018 150 150 Pedro Casero

EVERYWH2ERE partners from Rina takes part in the global movement to engage cities on climate actions by promoting the use of innovative FC gensets

Climate change is affecting every city on every continent, challenging us in the most unpredictable ways. This happens mostly due to our behavior and our urban habits (use of cars, heat our houses, etc.), nevertheless when we think about urban emissions we do not take care of other potential everyday smaller emissions point like for example temporary gensets. We have therefore decided to join Climathon 2018, a 24-hour hackathon organised by Climate-KIC, in order to engage people on climate action and provide cities with the opportunity to exploit EVERYWH2ERE innovative FC gensets.

On 26th October, Stefano Barberis – our Low Carbon Energy & Smart Energy Management Engineer and coordinator of the FCH JU H2020 project EVERYWH2ERE – will join Climathon 2018 in the city of Turin. In particular, he will have a speech about EVERYWH2ERE, an innovative research project coordinated by RINA that bases on the idea that hydrogen and fuel cells can be a sustainable option for temporary power generation, also in order to unlock technological and market development of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

In fact, EVERYWH2ERE aims at developing 8 Fuel cell equipped containered “plug and play” transportable gensets. These gensets are overcoming traditional gensets solutions mainly based on diesel engines providing a zero emission – zero noise solution.

EVERYWH2ERE prototypes will be tested in construction sites, music festivals and urban public events all around Europe, demonstrating their flexibility and their enlarged lifetime.

Due to the crucial role of cities to promote through policies and dedicated regulatory framework the spreading of FC gensets , Climathon 2018 offers a great opportunity to involve also the city of Turin , who is already supportin EVERYWH2ERE thanks to the support of CLIMATHON event organizer, ENVIRONMENT PARK, one member of EVERYWH2ERE international consortium

Register now here and join us in Turin!



Envipark and RINA, as partners of the EVERYWH2ERE project, participated in the Green Music Initiative held in Cologne at the end of August. An important opportunity to disseminate the advantages of hydrogen generator technology, which will be tested at national and international events starting in 2020.




The Everywh2ere project participated at the 8th General Assembly of the Regions and Cities Initiative, which took place  the 9 October 2018 at the FCH JU’s premises in Brussels.

Our partner from ICLEI could promote the project during the FCH JU Regions & Cities Initiative. This  meeting was a success and the project generate quite some interest from city and industry partners alike.

The project will continue to reach out to local governments to get the Cities Interest Group going.

Critical time for regions and cities 

With applications ranging from transport to energy storage on the cusp of commercialisation across Europe, and ‘green’ hydrogen, produced from renewable energy, showing huge potential for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, hydrogen could become an integral part of local and regional authorities’ decarbonisation plans.

Bart Biebuyck, FCH JU Executive Director, welcomed the participants and underlined that this is a critical time for the regions and cities to come forward and accelerate their plans for investing in and deploying the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen technologies, which can help them realise their emission reduction targets and improve local air quality.

“Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for Green Energy in European Cities and Regions”

The event was an opportunity to present the newest FCH JU study: “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for Green Energy in European Cities and Regions”, which shows among others that:

  • European regions and cities need to take action now to realise their emission reduction targets and improve local air quality.

  • Investing in fuel cell and hydrogen technology pays off for cities and regions, as it provides a mature, safe and competitive zero-emission solution for all their energy needs.

  • Regions and cities can benefit from investing in hydrogen and fuel cells not only in environmental terms, but also by stimulating local economic growth and creating attractive places to live, work and visit.

  • The Regions and Cities Initiative provides a unique opportunity to benefit from existing knowledge, draw on project development support and financing assistance to realise own FCH deployment projects.

  • To enable the realisation of the envisaged FCH deployment plans of the regions and cities continued support will be required for individual projects as well as the coalition at large.


The Everywh2ere Project – Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European cities

European cities can become living lab for the demonstration of Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, starting from their use in niche, but everyday applications such as temporary gensets that are used in construction sites, music festivals and temporary events. .Leveraging EU excellent knowledge from consortium partners in FC application for automotive and telecom backup power solutions, EVERYWH2ERE project will integrate already demonstrated robust PEMFC stacks and low weight intrinsecallty safe pressurized hydrogen technologies into easy to install, easy to transport FC based transportable gensets. 8 FC containerd “plug and play”gensets will be realized and tested through a pan-European demonstration campaign in a demonstration to market approach.The prototypes will be tested in construction sites, music festivals and urban public events all around Europe, demonstrating their flexibility and their.enlarged lifetime. Demonstration results will be capitalized towards the redaction of three replicability studies for the use of the gensets in new contexts (emergency and reconstruction sites, ships cold ironing in harbors, mining industrial sites) and for the definition of a commercial roadmap and suitable business model for the complete marketability of the gensets within 2025. A detailed logistic and environmental analysis will be performed in order to study the complete techno-economic viability of the gensets and a decision support tool will be realized to support end-users in future replicability. According to the crucial role of cities to promote through policies and dedicated regulatory framework the spreading of FC gensets, local authorities will be involved in the project since its beginning. A strong dissemination and communication campaign will be conducted particularly during “demonstration events” (more than 25 festivals involved) in order to increase public audience awareness about FCH technologies.

EVERYWH2ERE at C/O Pop Convention & Green Music Awards

EVERYWH2ERE at C/O Pop Convention & Green Music Awards 604 390 admin

EVERYWH2ERE team is coming to Cologne: are you ready for music festival hydrogen transition?

EVERYWH2ERE team is glad to announce that the project will be officially launched at the C/O Pop Convention and at the Green Music Awards event thanks to the support of D1!


C/O Pop Convention

The C/O Pop Convention is an event that addresses topics related to the music industry and this year it will be held on 30/31 August in Cologne, Germany.

In 2017 more than 30,000 visitors came to the C/O Pop festival discussing about how to innovate music festival industry. Music Festival sector is more and more keen to sustainability and energy aspects, so EVERYWH2ERE team will join the event to meet potential stakeholders and introduce them to the project and to hydrogen technologies.

A dedicate panel session titlet “Is hydrogen the key to our clean energy future? – how to power your event without any emission” will be led by D1 EVERYWH2ERE Team leader Jacob Bilabel with the support of Arthur Baux (ENGIE Hydrogen Business Unit I Project Engineer) and Stefano Barberis (EVERYWH2ERE Technical Coordinator) at the C/O  panel session

Buy your tickets here  and meet them in Junioren-Zimmer (4.OG) on Friday 31, from 14.00 to 15.00!


Green Music Awards

In the framework of the Green Music Awards 2018, EVERYWH2ERE team has been invited to the Green Music Initiative BBQ on Saturday, 1st of September.

The event will be a perfect opportunity for EVERYWH2ERE Consortium to informally meet potential stakeholders and music festival organizers introducing them to hydrogen technologies via the EVERYWH2ERE H2 Corner, collecting their feedback and trying to engage them for future demonstration.

Register here and join us in Cologne!


PROJECT KOM 150 150 admin

EVERYWH2ERE consortium met on 6th and 7th February in Genova, at RINA Headquarters, to officially start the project. It has been a fruitful two days meeting where partners’ delegates had the opportunity to meet each other and start technical discussion towards the forthcoming project activities.



As EVERYWH2ERE coordinator, RINA prepared an official Press Release to present project objectives and features. You can find the Press release at this link (LINK ALLA SEZIONE PROJECT COMMUNICATION MATERILA)

EVERYWH2ERE Month 5 General Assembly

EVERYWH2ERE Month 5 General Assembly 150 150 admin

The first steps towards a successful collaboration

After 5 months since the project’s beginning, EVERYWH2ERE partners met in Goteborg, Sweden, at PCS headquarters on 26-27 June 2018 for the Month 5 General Assembly.

The meeting can be considered the “technical KOM” of the project as the partners had the opportunity to go in depth of the definition of FC Gensets layout and specification. A delivery and implementation plan for the realization and procurement of the gensets has been defined following inputs coming from technology manufacturers and demosite responsibles.

The relevant role of Stakeholders and demonstration sites in this process has been highlighted and in this sense the consortium committed to establish strong connection with genset rental companies, music festival organizers, cities etc. also via dedicated questionnaires, surveys and events.

An intense year is now expected by EVERYWH2ERE consortium working on 13 forthcoming deliverables and to achieve Year 1 milestones (launching event organization and definition of gensets specification).

The EVERYWH2ERE consortium will virtually meet on 1st October during a WEB General Assembly while next General Assembly will be held on 8th and 9th of January.

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