Everywh2ere partners meet in Berlin to assess the status of actions and next steps

Everywh2ere partners meet in Berlin to assess the status of actions and next steps 1024 572 admin

On 21st and 22nd January 2020 a technical meeting of the Everywh2ere project as well as the annual General Assembly took place in Berlin in order to assess the status of planned actions and establish how to tackle the upcoming steps.

All thirteen partners met in Berlin in this 24th month-meeting of the project: RINA Consulting, from Italy; Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy, from Finland; Powercell Sweden AB, from Sweden; Genport srl, from Italy; MAHYTEC SARL, from France; Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón, from Spain;  Green Music Initiative gUg, from Germany; Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico per l’Ambiente – ENVI, from Italy; Acciona Construcción, from Spain; ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, from Germany; THT Control, from Finland; FRIEM S.p.A., from Italy; and LINDE Gas, from Italy.

Everywh2ere is currently on the second year of a five-year plan. The project is going according to plan and, despite some minor delays, the first tests for the Fuel Cell gensets are expected to begin in the upcoming months.  The demonstration campaign is foreseen to start next summer.

These Fuel Cells gensets that are currently being developed will be the main results from Everywh2ere, that aims to demonstrate that zero emission and zero noise generators are logistically and technically viable to provide power supply for isolated places or temporary events (construction sites, music festivals, exhibition centers, etc).

If you are interested in hosting one of the gensets developed in the project, please contact us:

EVERYWH2ERE project in the FCH JU Programme Review Days

EVERYWH2ERE project in the FCH JU Programme Review Days 1024 768 admin

On 19 November 2019, Stefano Barberis from RINA Consulting will present the EVERYWH2ERE project in the FCH JU Programme Review Days, which will be held at the Charlemagne building of the European Commission in Brussels.

The FCH JU Programme Review Days aims to give an overview of the FCH JU funded projects.  It is an excellent visibility platform for the projects and the technological developments achieved in the sector, and also provides networking opportunities for the participants while facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices.

The EVERYWH2ERE project will participate on Tuesday, within the session “Fuel cell applications for energy”.

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EVERYWH2ERE at the Innofest session at Amsterdam dance event

EVERYWH2ERE at the Innofest session at Amsterdam dance event 1024 466 admin

The Everywh2ere project became a wildcard winner to present the project at the Innofest session at Amsterdam Dance event (18 October)

Amsterdam Dance Event’s festival program covers the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres, with over 2,500 artists performing in 140 of Amsterdam’s finest music and nightlife spaces. 

In 2018 the festival welcomed 400,000 festival & conference visitors from over 100 countries in 140 venues, which makes it the world’s biggest festival & conference for electronic music. 

Innofest: Seven Innovations That Will Change The Industry

If you’re after new ways to make your event, festival or business more sustainable, then be sure not to skip this part of ADE Green.

More and more event organizers talk about sustainability, about “smarter” and about “cleaner”. 

But who are the real innovators and what are their solutions? Innofest gives green entrepreneurs and inventors the chance to test their innovation at real, working festival sites. Using the festivals’ flexible water and energy grids as a living lab, Innofest lets over thirty entrepreneurs each year to pilot their ideas “IRL: in real live”.

In this year’s ADE Green program, Innofest is inviting seven of the most promising startups to present their ideas for much-needed change at ADE Green. Things like circular water solutions, mobile sun power stations and gamification to improve waste separation: ready to go innovations, now with a test record to prove it. So, walk-in, meet the startups and start making an impact at your event

Hydrogen session at reeperbahn festival

Hydrogen session at reeperbahn festival 150 150 admin

Arthur Baux, Manager Hydrogen Business Unit, Engie, France

Björn Hansen, Founder, Futur 2 Festival, Germany

Ole Hering, Founder, North Tec Consult, Germany

Faas Moonen, Project Manager, Green Energy Mill, Netherlands

Marie Sabot, Managing Director, We Love Green, France

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Founder, Green Music Initiative, Germany

After the session there was a meeting with the festival promoters where EVERYWH2ERE Project was explained in detail and the Festival was offered the possibility of becoming one of the demosites

Hydrogen As Key To Our Clean Energy Future?

Hydrogen As Key To Our Clean Energy Future? 603 600 admin

A music festival has the same energy need as a small city over the weekend. Because missing grid connection, no technical infrastructure and very little uptake of digital smart metering systems, this energy is mostly produced very inefficiently by gasoline generators on site. With more than 500 big festivals and more than 5000 bigger events alone in Germany, this causes a lot of unnecessary stress on the environment. But there are alternatives. European cities can become living labs for the demonstration of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies, which produce clean renewable energy with no CO2 or noise emissions at all. Meet the trailblazers paving the way for others to follow. Learn about visions, challenges and pitfalls on our way to a renewable future.

– Arthur Baux, Manager Hydrogen Business Unit, Engie, France
– Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Everywh2ere Hydrogen Gensets, Green Music Initiative, Germany
– Björn Hansen, Founder, Futur 2 Festival, Germany
– Faas Moonen, Project Manager, Green Energy Mill, Netherlands
– Najma Souroque, Head of Sustainability & Think Tank, We Love Green, France


-Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Founder, Green Music Initiative, Germany



On 11-12 June 2019, EVERYWH2ERE consortium met in Helsinki, Finland, at VTT Headquarters, for the celebration of the Month 16 General Assembly (GA) of the project.

The main goal of this meeting was to discuss the current status of the project and the definition of the next steps to be carried out during the forthcoming months.

The Consortium has progressed in the final FC Gensets specifications and the two partners recently incorporated to the Consortium (THT and FRIEM) are fully engaged in the activities.

The whole EVERYWH2ERE project Consortium has continued its strong commitment to engage Stakeholders and different industrial groups to the project, and a workshop for the Regions and Cities Interest Group was held in Brussels in month 11 in Brussels (January 2019). The project has been also presented in several conferences and workshops, and both industrial and regional groups and also events’ promoters have been contacted during this period.

Over the coming months, project partners will keep on defining the demonstration calendar where EVERYWH2ERE prototypes will be tested during the demonstration phase, aiming at evaluating the FC Gensets performance and collecting data for their future replication.

The next General Assembly of the project will be held in January 2020.

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EVERYWH2ERE project in the 2019 International Workshop for Global Sustainability “Space Sustainability”

EVERYWH2ERE project in the 2019 International Workshop for Global Sustainability “Space Sustainability” 1024 809 Pedro Casero

On 3 June Pedro Casero from Aragon Hydrogen Foundation presented the EVERYWH2ERE project in the International Workshop for Global Sustainability “Space Sustainability”, which was held at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Madrid, Spain on June 3-5.

This Workshop is organized by The Partnership for Global Sustainability (PGS), a global network of public and private organizations and individuals that works at the nexus between the space and aerospace sectors and terrestrial sustainability challenges.

The EVERYWH2ERE project was invited to participate in the “Increasing Space Mission Critical Ground Infrastructure Resiliency through Sustainability” Session.

The goal of this session was examining several ways that sustainable approaches to infrastructure planning and refurbishment can contribute to the resilience of the space sector’s critical ground infrastructure.

During the presentation, the current status of the technologies of hydrogen and the roadmap the FCH JU has recently launched were discussed.

The targets of EVERYWH2ERE project were connected both to that roadmap and its potential application as replacement of diesel gensets in Space Mission Critical Ground Infrastructure.

Everywh2ere project will participate at Cannes Film Festival

Everywh2ere project will participate at Cannes Film Festival 1024 722 Pedro Casero

This event will give the opportunity to the consortium to promote the use of the FC gensets also in movie industry for future demonstration and market exploitation.

The Everywh2ere project will participate at the panel discussion on Green Film production in order to promote sustainable movie production and shooting.

The panel discussion, film producers and film fund managers will discuss the green ways they want to take to decarbonize film shooting where also Fuel Cell and hydrogen can play a relevant role.

During this event, various European experts coming from movie production agencies and film commissions will exchange their experience with sustainable Film/TV production and green cinema.
Sustainable initiatives, projects and actions have taken root throughout the world since the first green seeds were sown in the film industry and filmmakers now understand that environmentally-friendly production is not rocket science. And European productions followed “Green Film shooting” best practices similar to those one promoted in Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood movie “The Post” did.

The panel will take place at the Italian Pavilion, Hotel Le Majestic – Salon Marta, 10 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, on May 17 from 12.30 – 3 pm. If you like to attend, please RSVP.

8th GO Group workshop in Prague on April 1 & 2

8th GO Group workshop in Prague on April 1 & 2 758 1024 Pedro Casero

We are looking forward to meeting you in the czech capital in spring, because we want to talk about today and tomorrow. Let‘s discuss how we run our operations smarter and how we treat the environment and ourselves more responsible and more sustainable. Like no other institution our pan-european think-tank brought together hundreds of festivals, scientists, initiatives and suppliers involved in festival and event organisation to foster exchange on an international basis. Time for the next chapter:

We are happy, excited and proud of this wonderful line-up of speakers including experts from so many fields: festivals, science, initiatives and politics. Two days dedicated to festivals of the future, a life worth living and how to stay sane in a crazy world. We are looking forward to meeting you, because we want to talk about today and tomorrow. Let‘s discuss how we run our operations smarter and how we treat the environment and ourselves more responsible and more sustainable. 

In addition to our H2 Corner, Dr Stefano Barberis will present our Everywh2ere project in a panel discussion. 

Panel will be hosted by Jacob Bilabel from our project partner Green Music Initiative.

 “The energy revolution“ – innovation & mindset”

Do we really need more more more? The audience want brighter and crazier lightshows. The artists demand LED screens as far as the eye can see. The safety guys demand the best backup systems available. Let‘s create the most efficient energy sources with the least emissions produced to meet those needs and power the events of the future. We will talk about needs, plans and developments. Nothing more or less than a change of the industry‘s energy philosophy.

  • Stefano Barberis| RINA & Hydrogen Everywh2ere Project, IT
  • Michal Kaščák & Michal Sládek | Pohoda Festival, SLK
  • Mark Schoots | Recreatie Noord Holland (f.e. Mysteryland & Indian Summer Festival), NL
  • Juliusz Kowaczyk | Fota4Climate, PL

About GO Group:

GO stands for Green Operations. 

GO Group is an independent, pan European and cross industry think-tank to inspire people in the music festival and events industry to run their operations greener and smarter, more sustainable and responsible. GO Group will:

1.         Identify international best practices in sustainable innovations for the music festival and event industry

2.         Aggregate, communicate and share the collective knowledge with interested stakeholders from all over Europe 

3.         Establish working relationships between different industry groups to enable practical and spontaneous exchange of personal experiences

GO Group was founded in early 2011 by GreenEvents Europe Conference, Green Music Initiative (GMI), Yourope (the European Festival Association) and Bucks New University. Today Holger Jan Schmidt and Jacob Bilabel made it a European institution for sustainable event management, which curates workshops, programs conferences and brings together Europe’s leading thinkers and doers. GO Group sucessfully carries out international workshops as well as field trip workshops to festivals in all of Europe to its festival partners like Exit Festival (2015), Roskilde (2016) and We Love Green (2017) amongst others. It also provides major contributions to the leading conferences and conventions of the events and live music industry such as Eurosonic/Noorderslag (NL), Green Events & Innovations/ILMC (UK), ADE Green (NL), MaMa Paris (FRA), by:Larm (NO), Nouvelle Prague (CZ) and others.

All infos here:


Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities -FCH JU’s Regions & Cities Initiative

Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities -FCH JU’s Regions & Cities Initiative 1024 576 Pedro Casero

On 15 January the EVERYWH2ERE project carried out a workshop “Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities” in Brussels back-to-back with a meeting of the FCH JU’s Regions & Cities Initiative.

The workshop, moderated by city network and EVERYWH2ERE partner ICLEI Europe explored the necessary regulatory framework for enabling an uptake of hydrogen-based generator sets (gensets) in cities for use in temporary events such as construction sites, music festivals and other public events. Not only have participants been able to reflect on their local circumstances in relation to other regions and cities, a keynote by the European Commission’s Vicente Franco of DG Environment has put hydrogen gensets in context with EU Clean Air Policy and highlighted the importance of strong cooperation across all levels of government and the scientific and industrial community. Mr. Franco set the stage for the workshop by giving an optimistic outlook for already decreasing emissions from conventional generator sets due to stricter European standards and encourages to go the extra mile:

 “If we can have zero-emission hydrogen-gensets, we will gladly support your work”

Panellists from the city of Oslo (NO), DG ENVE, Hydrogen Europe and the Region of Aragon (ES) concluded on the EVERYWH2ERE hydrogen gensets as a highly interesting option for cities, regions and companies alike to reduce their emissions despite the higher initial investment costs. Next to operating zero-emission and zero-noise, the gensets are a quick to implement technology with high public visibility specifically useful for showcasing local and regional sustainability ambitions. 

Local and regional regulation, such as public tendering and procurement, are a powerful tool to accelerate the transition to non-diesel generator sets. This can be seen in Oslo where the city motivates the construction sector to apply zero-emission solutions, but also encourages other cities through international city networks such as ICLEI. By implementing beneficial policies and by establishing clear targets regarding air quality and emission reduction, cities are providing signals to the private sector that clean solutions are encouraged and that the necessary regulation will be in place. This is especially important considering the initial higher investment cost of hydrogen gensets compared to diesel-based generators.  Political vision therefore prepares and incentivises investment.

However, it might not always be a matter of incentivising the private sector as existing red tape and complicated permitting procedures are often hindering efficient installations of hydrogen-based technologies in the city area. A lack of finance and capacity often stands in the way of local and regional authorities acting as a facilitator and for bringing different stakeholders together. The importance of facilitation was demonstrated by the example of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation which has been set up by the regional government and brings together more than 70 members key to the regional economy ranging from industry, consulting, public administrations and associations to promote the use of hydrogen on a regional level and to provide policy and technological solutions alike.

Call to Action: Regions & Cities Interest Group

Workshop attendees agreed that now, following this workshop, demonstration of hydrogen gensets in European cities is of utmost importance. The EVERYWH2ERE project looks forward to working together with Regions and Cities in providing four 25kW and four 100kW gensets to organizers of temporary events in coordination with the local and regional authorities. Next to directly showcasing the benefits of the gensets important lessons and policy recommendations will be generated and shared. In order to explore the context-specific framework conditions for hosting hydrogen gensets, local and regional authorities are invited to become part of the EVERYWH2ERE Regions & Cities Interest Group.

For more information and to join the Interest Group, please contact 7