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  • October 7, 2019

EVERYWH2ERE at the Innofest session at Amsterdam dance event

EVERYWH2ERE at the Innofest session at Amsterdam dance event

EVERYWH2ERE at the Innofest session at Amsterdam dance event 1024 466 admin

The Everywh2ere project became a wildcard winner to present the project at the Innofest session at Amsterdam Dance event (18 October)

Amsterdam Dance Event’s festival program covers the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres, with over 2,500 artists performing in 140 of Amsterdam’s finest music and nightlife spaces. 

In 2018 the festival welcomed 400,000 festival & conference visitors from over 100 countries in 140 venues, which makes it the world’s biggest festival & conference for electronic music. 

Innofest: Seven Innovations That Will Change The Industry

If you’re after new ways to make your event, festival or business more sustainable, then be sure not to skip this part of ADE Green.

More and more event organizers talk about sustainability, about “smarter” and about “cleaner”. 

But who are the real innovators and what are their solutions? Innofest gives green entrepreneurs and inventors the chance to test their innovation at real, working festival sites. Using the festivals’ flexible water and energy grids as a living lab, Innofest lets over thirty entrepreneurs each year to pilot their ideas “IRL: in real live”.

In this year’s ADE Green program, Innofest is inviting seven of the most promising startups to present their ideas for much-needed change at ADE Green. Things like circular water solutions, mobile sun power stations and gamification to improve waste separation: ready to go innovations, now with a test record to prove it. So, walk-in, meet the startups and start making an impact at your event