Everywh2ere hosts a series of online exchanges

Everywh2ere hosts a series of online exchanges

Everywh2ere hosts a series of online exchanges 1024 683 admin

This June, EVERYWH2ERE partners, together with local authorities part of the project’s regions and city interest group will organise a series of informal online exchanges and presentations to advance local hydrogen agendas.

The group is bringing together local and regional authorities interested in exploring hydrogen solutions to reduce air pollution and noise in their city. Discussions will focus on the role and potential of hydrogen in promoting local low-emission development, also in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.

During the online exchange, partners will deep dive with group members into several key aspects for integrating hydrogen solutions into their planning, such as the possible role of hydrogen in the sustainable energy mix, hydrogen in the urban context, opportunities for local authorities related to national hydrogen strategies, and how to use hydrogen for a more sustainable building and construction sector.

The group is open for all local authorities who would like to network with peers on developing, advancing and promoting their local hydrogen agenda, or wish to host one of the portable, zero-emission, zero-noise hydrogen fuel cell generators developed by EVERYWH2ERE to replace diesel generators for energising temporary events, such as construction sites, festivals, concerts, and harbours.

Authorities and stakeholders who are interested to join, can find more information on how to become a part of the EVERYWH2ERE regions and cities interest group here, or contact arthur.hinsch@iclei.org.

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