Kreis Steinfurt
The district Steinfurt unites 24 towns in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The district is rolling out a hydrogen mobility strategy under the theme of “regional, decentral, Co2 neutral” to support its local energy transition.
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Kozani is the capital of West Macedonia, Greece’s leading energy producing region. The region is set to transition to zero-emission energy production by 2050 with hydrogen as one potential alternative energy source. Kozani will host EVERYWH2ERE gensets for seasonal celebrations at its central square.
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Turin is the capital of Piedmont region and one of Italy’s business and economic centres with a long industrial history. Turin is exploring hydrogen to increase air quality in the city.
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Is located in the South Holland province of the Netherland. The city has explored hydrogen solutions for heating and transportation in recent years, with the Port of Rotterdam set to build the largest green hydrogen plant in Europe
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Saldus is located in the Courland region in western Latvia. Saldus is committed to increase energy efficiency and the share of alternative energy sources in line with its Sustainable Energy Action Plan
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Haarlem is the capital of the North Holland province and located in one of Europe’s most densely populated metropolitan areas. Hydrogen fuel cell solutions are already pursued in Haarlem for designing fully circular office buildings.
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The city of Cannes located on the French Riviera is host to the famous Cannes Film Festival EVERYWH2ERE participated in to promote hydrogen genset solutions to energize temporary events.

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Are you a local, or regional authority working to reduce air pollution, noise, and emissions in your region
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  • Exchange and cooperate with other cities and regions on innovative policy tools for zero emissions, zero noise construction sites and other temporary events;
  • Receive feasible and effective policy recommendations to support your zero-emission targets and climate and energy goals;
  • Benefit from the unique opportunity of taking part in the journey of hosting one of the EVERYWH2ERE 25kW or 100kW hydrogen genset, or hosting a genset yourself at a temporary event in your region or city.

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FAQ Section

As much as you can! In order to maximise our effort and facilitate logistics of hydrogen supply and gensets transport we would prefer to target demonstration opportunities of at least one week of duration.

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The main goal of the project consortium is to demonstrate our FC gensets feasibility for temporary events (music and film festivals, construction sites…). Thus, during the demonstration phase the 8 prototypes will be tested in different scenarios under several conditions, aiming at collecting information about the performance and the reliability of the gensets. Demosites in this phase will be asked for providing a ground testing where checking prototypes. The units will be connected remotely to gather information about their performance.

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