Climathon 2018

Climathon 2018

Climathon 2018 150 150 Pedro Casero

EVERYWH2ERE partners from Rina takes part in the global movement to engage cities on climate actions by promoting the use of innovative FC gensets

Climate change is affecting every city on every continent, challenging us in the most unpredictable ways. This happens mostly due to our behavior and our urban habits (use of cars, heat our houses, etc.), nevertheless when we think about urban emissions we do not take care of other potential everyday smaller emissions point like for example temporary gensets. We have therefore decided to join Climathon 2018, a 24-hour hackathon organised by Climate-KIC, in order to engage people on climate action and provide cities with the opportunity to exploit EVERYWH2ERE innovative FC gensets.

On 26th October, Stefano Barberis – our Low Carbon Energy & Smart Energy Management Engineer and coordinator of the FCH JU H2020 project EVERYWH2ERE – will join Climathon 2018 in the city of Turin. In particular, he will have a speech about EVERYWH2ERE, an innovative research project coordinated by RINA that bases on the idea that hydrogen and fuel cells can be a sustainable option for temporary power generation, also in order to unlock technological and market development of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

In fact, EVERYWH2ERE aims at developing 8 Fuel cell equipped containered “plug and play” transportable gensets. These gensets are overcoming traditional gensets solutions mainly based on diesel engines providing a zero emission – zero noise solution.

EVERYWH2ERE prototypes will be tested in construction sites, music festivals and urban public events all around Europe, demonstrating their flexibility and their enlarged lifetime.

Due to the crucial role of cities to promote through policies and dedicated regulatory framework the spreading of FC gensets , Climathon 2018 offers a great opportunity to involve also the city of Turin , who is already supportin EVERYWH2ERE thanks to the support of CLIMATHON event organizer, ENVIRONMENT PARK, one member of EVERYWH2ERE international consortium

Register now here and join us in Turin!

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